Premium Pocket Charger

Premium Pocket Charger

The event pocket charger is the ultimate festival goer’s friend, but also the perfect solution for people on the go. It’s light and goes wherever the device owner goes, which means a full battery for your peeps at any time.

  • Description

    Product Description

    Premium Pocket Charger 6000 or 10 000 mAh

    The Premium Pocket Charger is used to recharge all smart- phones, tablets, MP3/MP4 players, portable game consoles, Garmin watches, GPS devices, hands-free devices and digital cameras. The pocket charger can be used anywhere, anytime. Durable, light and fits into your pocket.

    Never run out of battery again. It’s the perfect accessory for the guy on the go. Lithium Polymer Batteries are the safest batteries on the market.

    • 6000 mAh power bank
    • Over-current protection
    • Over-charging protection
    • Over-discharging protection
    • Power indicator
    • Use own device cable
  • Purchasing Options

    Purchasing Options

    Retail price Powerbank 6000 mAh : R 350 excl. vat and transport
    Retail price Powerbank 10 000 mAh : R525 excl. vat and transport

    Contact us for our wholesale pricing.