DIY Charging Kits

Create a world-class guest experience in your airport lounge, train station or waiting area with a RiCharge Super Station. Fast-charge technology makes sure your customers have enough mobile or tablet battery power for their journeys – keeping them connected, online, on social media and entertained while they wait and travel. This state-of- the-art station is fitted with 12 charging drawers, each with braided cables that can revive 2 devices simultaneously.

  • Description

    Product Description

    Create small charging station for at a single seating, or a whole row to accommodate customers at a stand. The RiCharge DIY Charging Kit gives you the power to provide people a compact charging solution, which can be hidden into tables and the like

    2 x Charging cables
    (Lighting cable & Micro USB)
    2 x Cable weights
    1 x Cable clip
    1 x AC Adaptor (3 point plug)

  • Purchasing Options

    Purchasing Options

    Retail price: R 799 excl. Vat. And transport

    Contact us for our wholesale pricing.